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Lab Layout

Regular Lab Bench Worksurface

There are several types of lab bench worksurfaces commonly used in laboratory settings. The specific worksurface materials used can vary depending on the requirements of

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Flammable Storage Cabinet
Lab Safety

Different colors of Flammable Safety Cabinet

Red (red indicates flammable liquid), yellow (yellow indicates flammable liquid), and blue (blue indicates weakly corrosive liquid). The three colors have the same size and different types of storage chemicals in MYTOP. In the process of storing chemicals, colored labels are used to identify, sort, and separate various flammable or hazardous liquids.

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Lab Ventilation

Five Features Of the Air Shower

The system adopts PLC intelligent control methods. The LED display on the control panel can correctly display the running status of the air shower, the interlock status of the double doors, the air shower cycle progress and the delayed door opening status. It is equipped with a photoelectric sensor and a one-way air shower room. It enters from a non-clean area. After the door is closed, the infrared sensor detects that someone will blow it.

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Laboratory Design
Lab Layout

Why lab design is so important?

Lab design purpose is to establish a highly efficient, comprehensive and thoughtful laboratory. In the laboratory design, should fully consider the factors that affect laboratory

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