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MYTOP is a Laboratory Furniture & Lab Project Supplier

You can get a reply immediately, such as FREE lab layout design, FREE 3D lab furniture & lab equipment design, product specification & tender quotation. We are ready to offer you excellent lab project solution

Reliable Laboratory Furniture Supplier

Professional Supplier

More than 20 years of factory management for laboratory furniture, covering 20,000 SQM production areas. Experienced laboratory furniture designer and international business team

High Quality Products

Laser cutting, CNC bending, welding, and epoxy coating processing technologies are based laboratory-grade, much higher requirements than office furniture

Strict Quality Control

ISO-9001-2015 quality management system certified. Every order is kept in detailed records both on products drawing and delivery documents forever

Dedicated Support

Quick reply within 8 hours. You will get maximum service with minimal excuses. Free lab layout design, and 3D laboratory furniture design is offered for free from technical lab design team

Testing Reports

Comply with ISO 9001 , SEFA-3 & 8M, ASHRAE 110 , EN1475, CE for our laboratory furniture and fume hood, chemical resistance testing for our epoxy coating and lab worktop


We offer OEM & ODM service globally, and our products are from the middle quanlity to high quanlity to meet different demand Our engineer will undersarand your demand technically

Our Main Lab Products

We have been a laboratory furniture and laboratory equipment manufacturer for since 2012. Our main lab products include lab bench, fume hood, lab storage cabinet, lab chair, air shower, pass box, biological safety cabinet, laminar flow and other lab accessories. 

Customized Lab Design For Various Lab Solutions

Lab furniture is customized for various lab solution to satisfy lab end user needs. We offer excellent one-stop lab supplies for contractors in different lab projects, such as university, hospitals, pharmaceutical factory, microbiology labs and clean room projects

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