Steel Lab Medicine Storage Cabinet For Solid Chemical

Steel Lab Medicine Storage Cabinet For Solid Chemical


1. Metal storage cabinet can bear more heavy loading when the sample is inside the heavy glass labware on the adjustable shelf

2. Glass doors help you to easily observe the sample growing without opening the door and Not glass door can avoid UV

Chemical Fume Hood Casing and Base Cabinet

1. Steel Lab Medicine Storage Cabinet

The steel lab medicine storage cabinet is made of 1.0 OR 1.2 mm cold rolled steel sheet, processed by laser cutting with error difference less than 0.1 mm,  CNC folding,  full wedding, arc welding, and more than 230-degree high-temperature epoxy coating. 3 PCS adjustable shelves are inside the cabinet. The lab cabinet color. length and depth can be customized for lab furniture projects. Our standards please get a reference from our catalog.

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