Lab Blance Table

10 ppm Lab Balance Table


1. Lab balance table is designed to 10 ppm lab balance for anti vibration purpose 

2. Lab balance table is  systems act as filters, cushioning a highpercentage of amplitude vibrations greater than 12 Hz 

Lab Balance Table

1. Lab Balance Table Base Material

The lab bance table base is made of 1.0 mm cold rolled steel sheet, processed by laser cutting with error difference less than 0.1 mm,  CNC folding,  full wedding, arc welding, and more than 230-degree high-temperature epoxy coating. The lab cabinet color. length and depth can be customized for lab furniture projects. Our standards please get a reference from our catalog. The epoxy coating should pass SEFA-3 chemical resistance performance testing on 49 kinds of regular chemicals by SEFA authorized third party laboratory 

2. Lab Balace Table Size

L:900*D:600*850 / 900 mm            L:1200*D:600*850 / 900 mm                

3. Lab Balance Table Application

The Lab balance table is used for analytical balances and other sensitive measuring equipment in laboratory to avoid shake from the lab enviroment. The supporting made of 30*30 rectangle pipe for the middle slab is for anti vibration purpose., which help to isolated from the middle slab fromthe outer worktop. Lab balance table is flexible systems with a vibration frequency of their own near 10 Hz. These systems act as filters, cushioning a high percentage of amplitude vibrations greater than 12 Hz that may reach the system. The vibration-dampening area is manufactured using a large mass mounted on shock absorbers and topped with a 400*400*40mm granite worktop


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