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University lab solution should create a safe, comfortable and beautified laboratory working environment. The office area is separated from the lab area, that is, an uncontrolled area and a controlled area are formed. The functional areas of the physical and chemical laboratory mainly include: sample pre-processing area, chemical analysis room, instrument analysis area and reagent room,

University Lab Basic Design

A. Separate office area and experimental area;
B. The sample processing room is separated from the instrument analysis room;
C. Separate rooms for different types of instrument rooms that may interfere with each other;
D. Different types of sample processing rooms should be separated;
E. The organic room is separated from the inorganic reagent room;
F. Separate combustible gas and non-combustible gas;
G. Separate the electricity used by the instrument from other electricity;
H. Instruments of the same type that do not cause interference can be designed in the same room;
I. The instruments that need gas supply should be gathered together as much as possible;

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