Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

Lab Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet


1. Create a special space in the lab to storage gas cylinder with alarm in case of any leakage

2. The gas cylinder is to lock and fix stable inside the gas storage cabinet in case of any shake in the lab.

3. The gas cylinder is put inside and allowed to connect with gas tap and other gas reducer directly as well

Lab Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

1. Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet Material 

The gas storage cabinet is made of 1.0 OR 1.2 mm cold rolled steel sheet, processed by laser cutting with error difference less than 0.1 mm,  CNC folding,  full wedding, arc welding, and more than 230-degree high-temperature epoxy coating. The gas storage cabinet color. length and depth can be customized for lab furniture projects. Our standards please get a reference from our catalog.

2. Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet Specification

Model MT-GCSC- MT-GCSC-900 MT-GCSC-1200 MT-GCSC-1500
Size (mm) W600*D450*H1800 W900*D450*H1800 W1200*D450*H1800 W1500*D450*H1800
Door Numbers 1 Door With Glass Windows 2 Doors With Glass Windows 2 Doors With Glass Windows 2 Doors With Glass Windows
Storage 1 PCS Gas Cylinder 2 PCS Gas Cylinder 3 PCS Gas Cylinder 4 PCS Gas Cylinder
Casing Made of 1.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate in the CNC center, cut, positioned, punched, bent and welded, and then formed. After pickling and phosphating, epoxy resin powder is sprayed and cured at high temperature, with strong adhesion and special surface Hard, anti-corrosion, beautiful appearance.
Cabinet Door The cabinet door is double-open, equipped with a combination of all-steel and glass doors. It is made of 1.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with no welding connection and detachable shock-absorbing pad.
Gas Alarm System The sound light alarm work and make a sound of dB with red light flashing The ventilation fan will work 5s and exhaust the gas out immediately
Cylinder fixed chain The iron chain is fixed, strong and reliable, and safe to place, Prevent accidents.
Vent Hole Vent hole on both side can reduce the concentration of volatile substances to prevent fire hazards.
Safe window High permeability tempered glass, easy to scrub, observe the internal situation at any time.
Handle High-strength double door handle, chrome-plated surface, convenient and safe.

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