Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet


1. LCD Display Airflow velocity, UV timer, UV work time, system work time, real time =

2. UV Larm: Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination

3.The transparent side glass windows maximize light and visibility inside the cabinet, providing a bright and open working environment.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

1. Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Material 

The Laminar flow cabinet body is made of cold-rolled steel sheet, processed by laser cutting with error difference less than 0.1 mm,  CNC folding,  full wedding, arc welding, and more than 230-degree high-temperature epoxy coating. Worktop is designed according to the fluid dynamics by stainless steel

2. Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Application 

Laminar Flow Cabinet is a workbench that creates a Class 100  particle-free working environment for the lab technical by Extracting air through a filtration system and exhausting it across a work surface in a laminar or unidirectional air stream. The laminar flow cabinet is enclosed on the sides and kept under constant positive pressure in order to prevent the infiltration of contaminated room air. Laminar flow cabinet is widely used in medical research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and other research and production environments

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