Lab Benchtop Eye Wash

Lab Benchtop Eye Wash


1. Lab Benchtop Eye Wash with epoxy coating finishing makes it durable in the chemical laboratory environment

2.  Benchtop Eye Wash can spray out water in one second to clean the eyes

Lab Benchtop Eye Wash

1. Lab Benchtop Wash Material

1. ABS coating. Protects against acid, alkali, salt, etc. Corrosive substances.
2. Material: The main body is 304 stainless steel (new national standard), the wall thickness is 3mm, and it is finely polished.
3. Design pressure: 0.25-0.8MPA, water pressure requirement: 0.25-0.4MPA.
4. Shower: Pull down the lever, the shower water will be ejected from the shower within 1 second, the shower flow is ≧75.7L/min.
5. Eyewash: push the push plate away, the aerosol eyewash is sprayed out within 1 second, and the water height and angle are
Human face proportion design, eyewash flow ≧ 11.4L/min.
6. Eyewash filter: two layers of high-density PP + four layers of 304 stainless steel mesh staggered filter, can filter water
Among the fine impurities, the sprayed water is aerosol-like, embraced and gentle.
7. Ball valve: The two-piece ball valve can make the eyewash water flow accord with American standards.
8. Eyewash assembly: 304 castings are made of finished products, of which 90-degree elbows are made of seamless pipes without welds,
It will not burst the pipe wall due to water pressure during use.
9. Standard base: aluminum alloy + yellow ABS material, high strength, and pressure resistance.
10. Connection of inlet and outlet: DN32 internal thread, middle inlet, and lower drain. It can be customized according to requirements.
11. Performance: It has good resistance to corrosive solutions such as acid, alkali, salt, oil, etc.

Lab Benchtop Eye Wash Size

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