Lab Table

C Frame Mounted Metal Cabinet Lab Table


1. C frame-mounted cabinet lab table can bear much more weight when there is heavy equipment on the lab table

2. The mounted cabinet over 100 mm from floor allows you to clean the space under the cabinet.

3.   C frame lab table is more convenient for you to do the maintenance for the water and electrical service, even replace the mounted cabinet

Lab Table Base Cabinet

1.  C Frame Lab Table Base Cabinet

The lab table base cabinet is made of 1.0 OR 1.2 mm cold rolled steel sheet, processed by laser cutting with error difference less than 0.1 mm,  CNC folding,  full wedding, arc welding, and more than 230-degree high-temperature epoxy coating. The lab cabinet color. length and depth can be customized for lab furniture projects. Our standards please get a reference from our catalog. The epoxy coating should pass SEFA-3 chemical resistance performance testing on 49 kinds of regular chemicals by SEFA authorized third party laboratory 

2. Lab Table Base Cabinet Casing Options

Casing Material Options Regular Thickness Surface Finishing
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm Epoxy Coating
Galvanized Steel (GA) 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm Epoxy Coating
Stainless Steel (SS) 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm Original color or Epoxy Coating

3. Lab Table Hinges  Options 

Hinge Options Opening and Soft Closing Material and Surface Finishing
Regular Hinges 110 degree, 175 degrees, Soft closing for option Stainless steel, Polished stainless steel color
Special Hinges 270 degree, No soft closing Zinc Alloy, Black color painting
Folding Hinges 180 degree, 270 degrees, No soft closing Stainless steel, Silver stainless steel color

4. Lab Table Slider Option

Slider Option Size and Soft closing Bearing Capacity
Regular Slider 16 inch, Soft closing for option 25 kg, 35 kg, 45 kg
Undermounted Slider 16 inch, soft closing, Push opening for option 35 kg, 45 kg
Heavy Bearing Slider 16 inch, No soft closing 45kg, 64 kg, 90 kg
Lab Table Worktop Options
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