Lab Pass Box

304 Stainless Steel Lab Pass Box With Electrical Interlock


1. 304 stainless steel lab pass box is applied in the cleanroom between clean area and no clean area to pass the small lab sample

2. client can choose to add 8w UV light, buzzer, and bottom face panel04

Lab Pass Box

1. Lab Pass Box Material 

The Stainless steel pass box is made of 304 stainless steel both inside and outsite

2.Lab Pass Box Application 

Stainless steel pass box is a corollary lab equipment in clean room, which mainly used to pass small articles between non-clean and clean zone or low cleanliness degree zone and high cleanliness degree zone. It can remove the dust on the surface of the articles. Meanwhile, this pass box can also prevent unpurified air get into the clean zone.

3. Lab Pass Box Size


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