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In principle, healthcare laboratories should set up raw materials room, production room, semi-finished product storage room, filling room, packaging room, container cleaning, disinfection, drying, storage room, warehouse, inspection room, changing room, buffer zone, office, etc. Cross-contamination. According to the actual needs of production, the health care laboratory mainly includes four parts: office, bacteria laboratory (bacterial inspection operation room, sterile room, culture medium production room, washing and disinfection room), physical and chemical laboratory, and storage room.

Healthcare Lab Basic Design

1. Bacteria laboratory

Office: The office is a place where laboratory personnel perform original records and other tasks. It is a place where people interact with non-laboratory personnel. Therefore, it should be located on the outer layer of the overall comprehensive laboratory. It only needs simple facilities such as tables and chairs. .  

Bacteria inspection operation room: Bacteria inspection operation room (routine operation) The bacteria inspection operation room is the main operation room for bacterial culture and inspection, and the main facility is the laboratory bench  

Requirements for the test bench:  
a. The area of the experimental platform is generally not less than 2.4×1.3m;  
b. The location of the laboratory bench should be in the center of the laboratory with sufficient light; it can also be used as a side bench. 
c. Install small basins and faucets on both sides of the test bench;  
d. A reagent rack is set in the middle of the laboratory bench, and the rack is equipped with fluorescent lamps and sockets;  
e. The materials of the test bench should be heat-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. 

2. Physical and chemical laboratory:
a. A good ventilation system is required, such as using fume hood equipment, etc.
b. Temperature and humidity have an impact on staff or some instruments and equipment. The temperature should be maintained at an appropriate temperature of 18-28°C in summer, 16-20°C in winter, and humidity between 30% (winter) and 70% (summer). between.
c. In the operation of the ventilation system, because dust will enter the laboratory during the ventilation process, the dust content in the experiment is too high and the air is not clean, which not only affects the test results, but also the particles fall on the surface of the components of the equipment. It may constitute an obstacle, or even cause a short circuit or other potential hazards, and it will affect the personal safety of the staff in the long run.

3. Storage room:
An independent storage room should be prepared. The storage of medicines is the next procedure before the medicines are used. The quality of storage directly determines the quality of medicines after they are released from the warehouse. If the importance of storage is not strengthened, it will affect the company’s Development and efficiency, the more serious endanger life safety

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