Phenolic Resin Worktop For Laboratory Furniture

Phenolic Resin Worktop


1. Phenolic resin worktop is economy for chemical labs with good chemical resistance

2. Phenolic resin worktop is flatter and more stable in color than epoxy resin worktop

3. The after processing is the easiest and contractors can do small changes at the installation site

Phenolic Resin Worktop

1. Phenolic Resin Worktop Material

Phenoic resin worktop is mainly made from quality mutiple=layer kraft payer, phenolic resin, and balance papar on both sides. Processed by being laminated by a special chemical resistance film on the surface, our phenolic resin worktop performs excellently on SEFA testing

2. Phenolic Resin Worktop Size

Model Size Regular Color
MT-PRW-2440 W2440*D1220*T12.7/16/19/25 mm Black, Grey, Color Customized For Big Order
MT-PRW-3000 W3000*D1500*T12.7/16/19/25 mm Black, Grey, Color Customized For Big Order
MT-PRW-3600 W3600*D1500*T12.7/16/19/25 mm Black, Grey, Color Customized For Big Order
SEFA 3-2010 Clause 2.1 Testing Performance

Method A

For volatile chemicals – A cotton ball, saturated with the test chemical, was placed in a one ounce bottle (10mm x 7mmtest tube or similar container). The container was inverted on the test material surface for a period of 24 hours.Temperature of test: 23° +/- 2°C (73° +/- 4°F). Thi s methodwas used for the organic solvents..

Method B

For non-volatile chemical – Five drop of the test chemical
were placed on the test material surface. The chemical was
covered with a watch glass for a period of 24hours.
Temperature of test: 23° +/- 2°C (73° +/- 4°F) This method
was used for chemicals listed below other than solvent.

Rating :

0 No detectable change in the material
Level 1 Slight detectable change in color or gloss but no change in function or life of the surface
Level 2 A clearly discernible change in color or gloss but no significant impairment of surface life or function
Level 3 Objectionable change in appearance due to discoloration or etch, possibly resulting in deterioration of function over an extended period time

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