Laboratory PP Dry Rack

Laboratory PP Dry Rack


1. Laboratory PP Dry Rack material can be resistant to the chemical after it is washed incompletely

2. The water drop on the glass tube will  be directed to the sink instead of stay on the PP dry rack

3. The glass tube can be put in the air and dried 100% before it is put inside the storage cabinet

Laboratory PP Dry Rack

1. PP Dry Rack Material

The PP dry rack is made of quality PP (polypropylene) sheets. The back is integrated inset with PP tube to hold the glass tube after being washed in the laboratory. There is a plastic tube installed in the button the rack to direct the wastewater from the glass tube to the sink

2.  PP Dry Rack Size

ModelsSizeQuantity Of PegColor
MT-KD8L:450*W:120*H:630 mm50Black, Grey, White
MT-KD8-1SL:450*W:250*H:630 mm100Black, Grey, White
Laboratory PP Dry Rack Size

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