PU Surface Lab Stool

Laboratory ESD Chair With Back And Armrest


1.  All the PU surface, armrest, adjustable rod, and wheels are all ESD material

2. ESD lab chair is necessary for electronic industry labs and where the lab environment is very dry

3. Designed based on the ergonomics, it helps the lab technicians to work on a most comfortable way 

Laboratory ESD Chair

1. Lab ESD Chair Material

  1. Seating: The lab ESD chair seating is made of black or blue PU surface.
  2.  Back size is 400*350 mm, Seating size is 400*480 mm  
  3. Base:  The base is made of carbon steel with stoving vanishing or chroming, with a foot support  of Dia 450 mm
  4.  ESD wheel is Dia 50 mm 
  5. Lift rod is #200, high adjustable from 500 to 680 mm
  6. System resistance is from 10*10^5 to 10*10^5 Ohh
  7. Surface resistance is from 10*10^5 to 10*10^9 Ohh

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