ductless fume hood with exhaust fan and filter

Ductless Fume Hood With Exhaust Fan And Filter


1. No need to install pipes for ductless fume hood, convenient installation, no exhaust gas
2. Advanced modular filtration technology, which completely adsorbs harmful gases, particulate dust and other substances produced by filtration experiments.
3. No need to consume air-conditioning energy consumption, saving energy efficiently.

Ductless Fume Hood Casing and Base Cabinet

1. Ductless Fume Hood Casing

1. Metal parts: the main material is ≥1.2mm galvanized steel sheet, epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, covered with durable anti-chemical lead-free coating, maintaining high finish and minimizing the influence of corrosion and moisture.
2. Front panel and side panel: The main material is ≥6mm acrylic sheet, which has excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, not easy to aging, colorless and transparent, transparent, visually comfortable, and beautiful. testing on 49 kinds of regular chemicals by SEFA authorized third party laboratory 

2. Ductless Fume Hood Specification

Model MTDFH800 MTDFH1000 MTDFH1275 MTDFH1600
External Size (mm) W:800*D:620*H:1900 W:1000*D:620*H:1900 W:1275*D:620*H:1900 W:1600*D:620*H:1900
Internal Size (mm) W:764*D:540*H:860 W:971*D:540*H:860 W:1172*D:670*H:1030/1240 W:1497*D:540*H:860
Exaust Fan / Filter 1 Exhaust Fan, 4 Filters 1 Exhaust Fan, 4 Filters 1 Exhaust Fan, 6 Filters 2 Exhaust Fans, 8 Filters
Air Capacity 230 CMH 230 CMH 230 CMH 460 CMH
Noise 40 dB 55 dB
Power Supply 220V to 240V, 50/60 Hz
Face Velocity 0.4 to 0.6 m/s
Worktop 12.7 mm black color phenolic resin worktop with marine edge, OR other lab worktop option
Sash Made of transparaent acrylic
Sash Opening fold forward top
Light 1 pcs *258w LED lamp
Water Supply 1 * Single way brass water tap, 1*PP cap
Control Panel 1 pcs * 7 inch touch screen control system and alarm system
Ductless Fume Hood Worktop Options
Lab Worktop Options Regular Thickness Regular Color Application Industry
Phenolic Resin Worktop 12.7, 16,19,25 or customized Black, Grey, White or Customized University, Hospital, Testing Lab
Epoxy Worktop 15,16,19,20,25 mm Black, Grey, White, blue University, Hospital
Ceramic Worktop 20 mm Black, Blue University, Pharmaceutical, Research Lab
Trespa 13,16,20 mm Black Hospital, Research Lab
Stainless Steel Worktop 25 mm Original Color Microbiology Lab
Marble 40 mm Black Balance Table

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