ASHRAE-110 chemical fume hood

ASHRAE 110 Chemical Fume Hood


1. Chemical fume hood airflow is designed to meet the ASHRAE 110 -2016 standard and leakage is less than 0.05 ppm

2. Metal chemical fume hood perform better than PP fume hood when it is high temperature in local

3. Optional base cabinet is offered, such as metal, PP, and flammable storage cabinet to meet various demand

Chemical Fume Hood Casing and Base Cabinet

1. Chemical Fume Hood Casing

The chemical fume hood casing is made of 1.2 mm cold rolled steel sheet, processed by laser cutting with error difference less than 0.1 mm,  CNC folding,  full wedding, arc welding, and more than 230-degree high-temperature epoxy coating. The lab cabinet color. length and depth can be customized for lab furniture projects. Our standards please get a reference from our catalog. The epoxy coating should pass SEFA-3 chemical resistance performance testing on 49 kinds of regular chemicals by SEFA authorized third party laboratory 

2. Chemical Fume Hood Specification

Model MTFH1200-I MTFH1500-I MTFH1800-I
External Size (mm) W:1200*D:900*H:2350 W:1500*D:900*H:2350 W:1800*D:900*H:2350
Internal Size (mm) W:920*D:670*H:1030/1240 W:1220*D:670*H:1030/1240 W:1520*D:670*H:1030/1240
Top Outlet Dia 230 mm Dia 230 mm Dia 300 mm
Air Capacity 900 to 1100 CMH 1100 to 1300 CMH 1500 to 1700 CMH
Pressure Drop 70 Pa 80Pa 90 Pa
Casing 1.2 mm cold roll steel with epoxy coating on surface with 5 mm compact board lining
Worktop 12.7 mm black color phenolic resin worktop with marine edge, OR other lab worktop option
Baffle Plate 5 mm compact sheet
Air Foil Arc design for better air going into fume hood smoothly , CRS steel with epoxy canting
Sash Made of 1.5 mm aluminum alloy with 5 mm Tempering Glass
Sash Opening Max sash opening height is 720 mm
Bsse Cabinet 3 Doors PP Bse Cabinet 3 Doors PP Bse Cabinet 4 Doors PP Bse Cabinet
Light 2* 18w LED lamp , more 900 Lux on worktop
Water Supply 1 * Single way brass water tap, 1*PP cap
Electrical 3* three pin water proof socket with cover
Control Panel 1 * English Version TIFF touch screen control pane

3. Chemical Fume Hood Base Cabinet Options

Cabinet Option Material Application
Standard Steel Cabinet Compact lining with steel casing To store weak acid and regular chemicals
PP Cabinet Full PP with PP hinges To store strong chemical and volatile chemical
Flammable Storage Cabinet Metal casing with 38 mm double-wall construction To store flammable liquid chemicals
Chemical Fume Hood Worktop Options
Lab Worktop Options Regular Thickness Regular Color Application Industry
Phenolic Resin Worktop 12.7, 16,19,25 or customized Black, Grey, White or Customized University, Hospital, Testing Lab
Epoxy Worktop 15,16,19,20,25 mm Black, Grey, White, blue University, Hospital
Ceramic Worktop 20 mm Black, Blue University, Pharmaceutical, Research Lab
Trespa 13,16,20 mm Black Hospital, Research Lab
Stainless Steel Worktop 25 mm Original Color Microbiology Lab
Marble 40 mm Black Balance Table

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