Five Features Of the Air Shower

1. Automatic control:

The system adopts PLC intelligent control methods. The LED display on the control panel can correctly display the running status of the air shower, the interlock status of the double doors, the air shower cycle progress and the delayed door opening status. It is equipped with a photoelectric sensor and a one-way air shower room. It enters from a non-clean area. After the door is closed, the infrared sensor detects that someone will blow it.

2. Humanized operation:

Humanized control panel design, clear indicator light, to give users clear and correct air shower process instructions. Soft key touch time relay, LED display and setting of the blowing time, the range is adjustable from 10-99s, the user can adjust the blowing time according to the difference of the outdoor environment of the air shower
3. High cleanliness and high wind speed:

adopts two-stage filtration system of American AAF primary and high-efficiency filters, no partitions and low-resistance high-efficiency filters, filtration efficiency: 99.99%, ensuring the purification level. Equipped with all-stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzles, double volute outer rotor high-volume low-noise fan, the wind speed of the nozzle outlet is up to 25m/s, and the wind speed to the human body is above 18m/s.

4. Modular structure:

The air shower box adopts a modular design scheme, which can be assembled into various lengths of air shower size according to actual needs. An air shower room is composed of one or more air shower units. For large-volume air shower equipment, it can be divided into multiple modules, making production, transportation and installation particularly convenient and fast;

5. High performance and high sealing:

using imported electronic components, stable and reliable operation performance, advanced noise reduction and mute device system and EVA sealing material, high sealing performance

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