Lab PP Sink

Lab PP Sink For Laboratory Lab Bench


1. PP sink is most widely used for chemical lab in university and hospital

2. It is easily installed under the lab bench worktop bg screw and silicon only and fit various lab worktop

Lab PP Sink

1. Lab PP Sink Material

The PP sink is made of 100% high-grade quality PP (polypropylene)m which is resistant to most chemical and organic solvent. It performs durable and stable in the chemical Labs, as well as economic.

2.  Lab PP Sink Size

ModelsInternal SizeExternal SizeColor
MT-KP1L:732*W:390*H:310mmL:800*W:456*H:320mmBlack, Brey, White
MT-KP1L:490*W:390*H:300mmL:555*W:455*H:310mmBlack, Brey, White
MT-KP3L:480*W:275*H:230mmL:540*W:335*H:240mmColumn 4 Value 3
MT-KP3-1L:380*W:280*H:270mmL:430*W:330*H:280mmColumn 4 Value 4

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