University Lab Solution 

University Lab Design 

Microbiology Labs should be a safe, comfortable and beautified working environment.  Office area shall be separated from lab areas. That is to say, the whole lab building will University separate area and non-controlled area  controlled labs shall be as following.

  1. Office area shall be separated from lab areas
  2. Sample processing room shall be separated from lab Univeristy storage room
  3. Different type of instrument which may storage each other shall not be in the same lab
  4. Different sample processing shall not be in the same lab
  5. Organic Lab and inorganic lab shall be separated
  6.   Flammable gas and nonflammable gas should be separated in storage and use
  7. Electricity supply for instrument  shall be separated from others
  8. Instrument not impacted by others can be put in the same lab
  9. Instrument with gas supply shall be put together

University Lab Layout

  1.  It had better locate the maple processing room near the corridor. The instrument working with gas shall be put together among the same kind of instruments .  Back side of the instrument table shall reserve space for maintenance.  There shall be supplementary lab including chemical storage lab, washing room, gas supplying room, balance room, sample room and so on
  2. There shall be CCTV on computer lab and instrument lab and storage lab for flammable gas and chemicals
  3.  University Lab Furniture shalla include island bench , wall bench , lab glassware storage cabinet ,  chemical storage cabinet , fume hood , emergency shower , gas tap , water tap and sink. All the material shall be chemical resistance and organic solvent resistance. The space between lab bench and fume hood must be reasonable
  4. The floor of the university labs  shall be skid resistance,  chemical resistance and easy to clean.

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